Roofing Tiles – Tiled Roofs Advantages & Disadvantages

Roof tiles have been around for centuries, used by the Greeks as far back as the 3rd millennium BC because of their well-known advantages.

Tile Roofing Advantages

Longevity, style, safety, and resistance make roof tiles a long-term and durable favorite here in Florida. They have been proven to last over 50 years and some may even last longer. Roof tiles are most discernible with their beautiful style that no other roofing material can emulate.

The non-combustibility of the roof tile adds to its durability. A homeowner wants his home to be safe against the threat of fires. Also having a fire-resistant home promotes safety and protection from neighboring properties in case they catch fire.

The high resistance protects the roof from any insect infestation and would never have rot build-up or insect spawning adding to the lifetime of the roof.

Tiled Roofs Disadvantages

Roof tiles are heavy and the roofing structure underneath needs to be designed to accommodate the weight of the tiles. If the previous roof to be replaced was originally designed for asphalt shingles which are lighter in weight, proposing tiles may structurally not be a suitable option.

A structural engineer may need to get involved but would raise the costs of installing a tiled roof, let alone the design to accommodate the weight.

Tiles may last a very long time, but they are very brittle and fragile, and can break easily if not handled properly. It is not recommended to handle repairs on your own or walk on the roof to inspect. A professional who knows how to walk on a tiled roof without breaking them needs to be hired.

As durable as tiles may be, the material underneath may not last as long and to access them, the tiles need to be carefully removed and stored as not to damage them. If the underlying materials weaken, the heavy weight of the tiles may cause a cave in.

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