Leaking Roof Problems Caused by a Leaky Roof

There are very few conditions that make it economical to have a roof leak repaired, but there are some. Usually leaks caused by blunt trauma such a tree branch falling or heavy storm winds may be repairable.

If a roof is experiencing continuous and multiple leakages it is time to decide if needs to be replaced. Repairing a bunch of roof leaks in short durations can become quite costly and is often only prolonging the inevitable.

Fixable Roof Leaking Sources

Interior Roof LeakFinding these leak sources however can be complicated, so whenever a leak occurs this is time to hire a professional to inspect for damages and find the leak source. Most leaking problems in the early stages of a roof’s life are usually caused by poor installation. There could also be faulty or poor quality materials to blame.

If during roof installation the materials were improperly installed with gaps between the seams, a channel is left for wind driven rain to enter the interior causing leakage.

Openings in the roof for vent piping and skylights often pose the biggest risk for leaking. In some cases the roof leak is caused by unrelated roofing matters. Other sources like plumbing, roof drains and heating/ventilation condensation. These are part of the roofing system, yet they are unrelated to the roof itself. Therefore an inspection to locate the source of the leak initially will help determine and explain the causes and the best fixes.

Determining The Source of a Roof Leak Can Be Tricky

Gushing Water Roof LeakDetermining the leak source is a big challenge because the connection between the interior and exterior can be difficult to ascertain. The perfect time to discover roof leaks is during or immediately following a rain storm. Otherwise a water test upon a roof or deck surface may be required to find the leak source.

Roof leaks occur on all types of roofs for numerous reasons. What are the best ways to locate or investigate a roof leak? The first thing is to spot where the leak is coming from. Spotting the remnants of a leak such as stains on the ceiling is not the answer because it does not reveal the leak source.

Flowing water reveals the point of entry and helps determine the cause of roof related issues. When water is flowing inspect the attic for the flow source. Take photos for future reference. We recommend having a professional inspection be done. It is well worth the expense to protect your home and your pocketbook.

Finding Roof Leak Sources

Damage From Roof LeaksThe following is a process method used to perform an inspection. Work from the interior to the exterior using at least two fixed points within the living space to help identify the source.

Measurements are traced to the underside of the roof to pinpoint the leak source. The purpose is to observe the difference between where the leak is showing in the interior and the actual active leak source location. Always check the locations of bathroom vent pipes, chimney penetrations or HVAC vents, measuring these from the exterior walls brings you closer to the source.

These measurements are then applied from the attic space to the roof surface. The leak location is approximated from the attic space by working in concentric circles to determine the leak location. Aroof member may be punctured allowing water to enter.

Whenever roof leaks occur, it is highly recommended to repair it immediately.
Water that penetrates into the building envelope will always result in further damage.

Dangerous Interior Mold and Mildew Caused a Leaky Roof

Mold and Mildew Hazards  From Roof LeaksToxic mold and mildew will find a happy breeding ground in the moist dark recesses of an attic.Interior mold and mildew from a leaking roof that remains undetected poses a more serious risk.

Excessive mold and mildew in your attic space can have ill effects on your health. Prolonged exposure to mold and mildew causes allergies, infections, and irritation from inhalation. The best protection from this toxic danger is regular personal inspections of the attic interior.

Again we strongly advise against a do-it-yourself approach since damages can become quite costly with time. Have a professional roofing inspector do the job right.

The Roofers Report

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