Professional Roofing Inspection Services

A professional roofing inspection is the most important defense against water intrusion and the costs associated with leaking. A roof leak that is not effectively managed will lead to increased moisture levels within the roofing structure itself. Water leaks will lead to mold, mildew and eventually structural damage if ignored which will dramatically increase repair costs.

When getting a roof inspection be sure you get documented findings. Request that detailed recommendations be provided on how to address any areas of concerns discovered.

Initial Roof Inspections Should Start at Home

Roof InspectionA roof inspection should begin at home with your own visual inspection. Climb a ladder and have a look on the roof itself. See if there are any worn or cracked shingles. Look for exposed nail heads. Check vent piping, skylights or other protrusions on the roof where leaking can take place.

A leaky roof problem usually starts leaking because of missing shingles or damaged roof tiles. As the roof underlayment becomes saturated it starts to deteriorate and eventually will lead to water intrusion. Next go in your attic area to the extent possible and view the underside of the roof decking. Again look for any indication of water intrusion. Take pictures of any spots and note them as possible leak areas.

Specific Items Associated With A Professional Roofing Inspection

From the Ground Visual Inspection:
Under the eaves all along the roof perimeter
Gutters and downspout connections problems
(Emergency) Drainage problems
Over the Edge Internal Roof Drains and Scuppers
Notice Areas of Deterioration
Over the Edge Perimeter Gutter
Downspout Diverters, Drainage Pipes Water Trajectory and Flow Release
Ground Erosion and/or Drainage Problems

On The Roof Visual Inspection:
Check the condition of covering materials
Check for bulging shingles, cracked tiles
Check for missing shingles or missing tiles
Check the gutters for debris or other problem indicators

On the Roof Physical Inspections:
Check flashing on pluming vent pipes, skylights, chimney, all other roof protrusions.
Check antennae, satellite dishes, lightning arresters, or other similar attachments.
Flashing Deterioration documented with locations specified
Membrane-Deteriorating (i.e. reinforced mesh exposed, laps/seams open)
Bulges and blistering identified numbered and documented with locations specified
Exposed felts, Alligator shingles, cracking crumbling documented with locations specified
Metal Deterioration, Loose Screws, Rusted Panels, Bent or Damaged Panels document locations
Metal - Rust and pitting or loose or failing documented with locations specified
Missing Panels, Loose or Missing Accessories documented with locations specified
Missing Clay/Slate Tile and/or Shingles documented with locations specified
Cracked or Damaged Tile or Accessories documented with locations specified
Loose or Displaced Tiles or Accessories documented with locations specified
Check substrate around bulges, warped shingles discolored area document locations
Check for proper fastening and installation of all roofing materials.
Check caulking, tar and flashing and exposed nails document locations
Missing Equipment or Vent Covers
Condensate drains anchored to sleepers and roof drain problems
Clogged Roof Drains or Gutters documented locations
Roof Area(s) Ponding Water documented with locations specified
Internal Gutter problems documented with locations specified
Wires laying on the Roof documented with locations specified
Other Noticeable Physical Damage documented with locations specified
Leaking – Active leaks with documented roof location
Previous leakages documented with locations specified

From The Attic Crawl Space Visual Inspection: Attic Crawl Space roof inspection
The general structure of the underlayment
Discoloration under the eaves along truss structures
Look for pest intrusion areas or symptoms document all anomalies
HVAC metal frame supports, HVAC Screens, HVAC ducts, condensation and drainage
Skylights Emergency Smoke Hatches
Stairway Access to Roof
Roof Hatch/Scuttles with Roof Access

Other Threats Noted
Diseased or dying trees that could fall &/or damage the Roof
Tree Limbs that could brush the Roofing surface
Attached accessories like pool heaters and lighting fixtures
Animal nests or recessed access points for pest intrusion

Roofers Report

Consumer Roofing Report We have compiled a complete detailed report on everything you need to know about roofs and how to identify and manage your own roofing problems.

We put it together into a convenient package here in the Consumer Roofing Report You can get a free .pdf report ... you can print it out and make notes as you see fit. (Get it here)


Curling & Missing

curling shingles - warped shingles - buckling shingles

Cracked Broken

missing shingle - missing shingles - broken shingles


roof leanks - leaking roof