Curling Roof Shingles and Missing Roof Shingles

Curling Roofing Shngles Most sections of any roof are obscured from view, so subtle warning signs can go undetected .A problem is evident if you see missing or curling shingles, warped shingles, roof bulges or any other shingle deformities. These problems unresolved will eventually lead to a leaking roof.

Shingled roofing systems are installed with overlapped patterns with breathe spacing between them. Strong winds eventually find a way to break-in and affect the system negatively. For lighter framed roofing structures the wind could even affect the sheathing and decking undermining the entire roofing structure.

Problem sheathing on a shingled roof often results in the up curling of shingles. Swelling and contraction, due to changes in temperature and moisture levels, can pull fasteners off the sheathing. When shingles are no longer properly fastened, any heavy wind pulls them further away from the roofing surface. The lightness of shingles make them especially susceptible to heavy wind environments. This leads to missing and broken shingles.

Certainly curling and missing shingles are a warning sign to have your roof inspected. If this problem occurs on a new roof the problem could be poor installation. Regardless of the cause, missing or deformed shingles require your immediate attention to avoid roof leaks and the problems they cause .

Cracked and Broken Roof TIles

missing shingles roofing problemWInd patterns and roof trauma are usually always involved in cracked, broken or missing tiles. Proper securing patterns and tile overlapping reinforce the system to help prevent uplifting during strong wind gusts. To resist wind damage to a tiled roof, or shingled roof for that matter, State Roofing Codes require extra securing patterns be used along the edges during installation where wind tolerance is highest.

Weak or missed fastening patterns during installation will cause a problem. It can be an easy quick fix if addressed early. Wind load is always a concern on every roof. There are diverse wind load factors, most are effected by geographical location. Also surrounding buildings can tunnel air flow adding increased pressure during strong wind guts. Even on a flat roof strong winds can have a negative effect on the integrity of shingles and tiles alike.

Whatever the cause of missing shingles or cracked and missing tiles, a professional inspection should be done immediately to avoid further damage that can lead to more costly repair.

Other Problem Roof Conditions and Their Causes

There are other factors that could cause tiles or shingles to go missing. Older roofs get sun baked especially when low-cost, low-density economy shingles were used during the install. This sun-baked effect will dry out older weak shingles making them brittle and easily breakable. Defective tiles can have a similar problem although it is less frequent. The contoured nature of tiles makes them more susceptible to damage from high winds, especially should one crack, break or go missing.

Finally the underlayment and sheathing could also cause a problem. Plywood is a common sheathing and decking material used for most roofing systems. Plywood's cross-layered segments have the capability to act as an air moisture-breathing medium for the roof. However, if it is in prolonged contact with water, the layers can swell and expand so the roofing materials applied to them would also swell creating a visible bulge upward.

At a minimum we recommend that you perform an annual visual inspection of your own roof. Get on a ladder and have a look so you can catch these early warning signs before they metastasize to bigger more costly problems. When you see visible warning signs get a professional inspection performed quickly to avoid the costly mistake of negligence.

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Curling & Missing

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