Advantages & Disadvantages of Metal Roofs

Sheet metal roofs are known to be the most durable and highly energy efficient roofing system. Metal roofing may be a bit more expensive in the short term but certainly will prove more economical in the long term.

The Advantages a Metal Roof

Metal roofing can be used for long-term maintenance over low-sloped roof pitches where it is not suitable for shingles. The sheet metal protects a home from harsh weather conditions.

A shingled roof may have a maximum 20 to 25 year warranty, but may experience many maintenance and leakage problems over those years. Metal roofs in contrast have a 50-year warranty, and even function for many years longer than that.

The increased installation costs will easily be recovered. A sheet-metal roof will save money in the long-haul making it the most valuable with very low maintenance costs. The metal roofing material minimizes the overall usage of heating and cooling systems lowering energy costs.

Metal roofs are commonly installed on porches and dormers with low pitches. Metal roofs are weather resistant in any climate. The smooth surfacing sheds water evenly and requires less filtering.

Metal Roof Disadvantages

A sheet metal roof is one of the most expensive roofing systems to install. In addition to the cost of the materials a better system that lasts longer is more costly initially. Some insurance companies require that a roof be replaced after 25 years regardless of its current condition, unless professionally certified otherwise by a roofing professional.

If you’re planning to sell your home, the metal roof may add some resale value of your home. However your money may be better spent on a shingled roof in the short-term. Most building owners and investors turn to asphalt shingles as an alternative.

Another negative with a metal roof is that the location of the house has to be considered. The metal roof, being frictionless, easily sheds snow and debris creating collection piles along valleys and roof rakes. With snow shedding off the roof, driveways and walkways require more attention in the winter months. In other seasons it's best that shrubs and plantings be located away from these pile-up locations.

Proper grounding to prevent damage from lightening needs to be incorporated into the electrical design of the house since metal acts as an electrical conductor. When purchasing a house with a metal roof or if installing one, it is imperative that the house is properly grounded.

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