Educational Resources on Roof Repair and Roof Replacement

Just RoofsAt Just-roofs our goal as a company is to provide educational tools and information to help our members inform consumers about roofs and roof replacement services. We share these tools and our industry insights to our licensed professional just-roof members.

While this industry is very competitive our members pledge honesty and integrity when conducting business. They pledge not to employee illegal aliens, they carry full liability and workman's compensation Insurance as required by law.

Our member contractors service customers with intense attention to detail. Our members pay attention to details before during and after the job is complete.

Our roofing professionals use top rated high quality roofing materials on any work they do. The labor costs are the same to install high quality or sub-standard materials. They will not use low quality materials to make a few extra dollars of profit.

A roof affects every other part of a building. A roof is not a place to cut corners on quality. Our member installers are all trained professionals using the best-in-practice install techniques to insure every job is done to the highest quality standards.

Doing things right means they're not usually the lowest price in town. However their prices are very reasonable and most members offer a guarantee to match prices on a comparative quote with same quality materials, same warranty, and same install time commitments.

Our members pledge to educating consumers before during and after the sale. Quality is what distinguishes our members from others. Some other companies may do good work; but remember you will not get high quality work materials and high-quality install for low cut rate prices. It just canít be done.

Again our member prices are very reasonable and most members guarantee to match prices on a comparative quotes with like quality materials, warranty and install time requirements.


Curling & Missing

curling shingles - warped shingles - buckling shingles

Cracked Broken

missing shingle - missing shingles - broken shingles


roof leanks - leaking roof